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This domain name has recently been recovered for a client of Domain Recover.

With our dropcatching technologies we can register a domain name within fractions of a second of it becoming available. Snapback your domain today!

Someone else using your domain name? Well take back control of your Intellectual Property.

We charge only for the domain registration. Absolutely no auctions, no hidden fees. You only pay if we are successful.

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Recently recovered by Domain Recover!

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How Do We Do It?

We check the status of every domain name in our orders database every day. From the information gained from this check we can work out when the domain name will be released.

In the case of .uk names, nominet (the .uk registry operator) prohibit us from maintaining a database of this information, so we build a list of names which will be deleted the next day. This list never exceeds 500 names and is always deleted within 48hrs of its creation.

No Auctions

We never, ever put domain names to auction - this is because we only accept one snapback request for each domain name and this allocated on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

Premium Domain Names

Where the registry deems that a name is a premium domain name we will process the registration at our discretion. The fee for registering a premium domain name is the registry registration costs plus a processing fee of $195.50kr926€124.40£100.00$208.70kr1244$153.20R1788.00.

Registration Included

Every domain name that we successfully recover for you includes one years registration - except for, and domain names which include two years registration.

Our Promise

We will only accept one order per domain name and we operate on a strictly first-come-first-served basis.

Although we will monitor domains that are not in a detagged / suspended state you must bear in mind that it may be a while before there is any change to the domain.

If we consider the service is being abused or denigrated we will suspend and may subsequently remove all domain names submitted by the party involved.

Successful registrations are not guaranteed.

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Monitoring FREE - Recovery Charges Only - Prices shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) British Pounds (GBP) Danish Krone (DKK) Euros (EUR) New Zealand Dollars (NZD) Swedish Krona (SEK) US Dollars (USD)

Monitoring a domain: FREE*

Successful Recovery:

  • $173.60kr823€110.30£89.00$184.90kr1137$125.90R1743.00 for .ae
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .africa
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .at,,
  • $115.10kr546€73.10£59.00$122.60kr754$83.50R1155.00 for .ch
  • $136.50kr647€86.80£70.00$145.40kr894$99.00R1371.00 for .com
  • $292.60kr1387€186.00£150.00$311.60kr1916$212.20R2938.00 for .cr
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .de
  • $173.60kr823€110.30£89.00$184.90kr1137$125.90R1743.00 for .dev
  • $193.10kr916€122.70£99.00$205.70kr1264$140.00R1939.00 for .dk
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for, .es
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .eu
  • $185.30kr879€117.80£95.00$197.40kr1213$134.40R1860.00 for .fi
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .gl
  • $146.30kr694€93.00£75.00$155.80kr958$106.10R1469.00 for .gr
  • $185.30kr879€117.80£95.00$197.40kr1213$134.40R1860.00 for .id
  • $115.10kr546€73.10£59.00$122.60kr754$83.50R1155.00 for .ie
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for, .in
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .it
  • $95.60kr453€60.70£49.00$101.80kr626$69.30R960.00 for .lu
  • $115.10kr546€73.10£59.00$122.60kr754$83.50R1155.00 for, .mx
  • $115.10kr546€73.10£59.00$122.60kr754$83.50R1155.00 for .nl
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for,, .nz,
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .ro
  • $115.10kr546€73.10£59.00$122.60kr754$83.50R1155.00 for .se
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .stream
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .top
  • $134.60kr638€85.50£69.00$143.30kr881$97.60R1351.00 for, .tw
  • $144.30kr684€91.70£74.00$153.70kr945$104.70R1449.00 for,,, .uk
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for,,,

Monitoring a domain: FREE*

CentralNIC Names:

  • $204.80kr971€130.20£105.00$218.10kr1341$148.50R2056.00 for .baby
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for
  • $134.60kr638€85.50£69.00$143.30kr881$97.60R1351.00 for
  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for
  • $95.60kr453€60.70£49.00$101.80kr626$69.30R960.00 for
  • $95.60kr453€60.70£49.00$101.80kr626$69.30R960.00 for
  • $95.60kr453€60.70£49.00$101.80kr626$69.30R960.00 for
  • $95.60kr453€60.70£49.00$101.80kr626$69.30R960.00 for

    Complete CCtld / Gtld Price List

    Complete New Gtld Price List

Monitoring a domain:

Polish Names:

  • $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for .pl
    (Excludes $17.60kr83€11.20£9.00$18.70kr115$12.70R176.00 Monitoring Fee)

Unlike our other names, .pl names have a non refundable up front 3 year Monitoring Fee of $17.60kr83€11.20£9.00$18.70kr115$12.70R176.00 per domain name. Then, if successful, we charge only $154.10kr731€97.90£79.00$164.10kr1009$111.80R1547.00 for recovery.

Our Rules

*Excessive Number Clause

We reserve the right to charge an annual management fee of $2.00kr9€1.20£1.00$2.10kr13$1.40R20.00 per domain name requested per year where, if in our opinion the number of names being monitored in an account is excessive (over 300 domains).