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Trust Corporation Manager is the software used to manage small and medium size companies to have a more professional image towards their clients by using a web based application to automate our processes from sales to invoicing andalso has an automated order system.

The clients have also the possibility to enter the system in a dedicated area and review all their correspondence, open orders, open invoices and all uploaded documents along with being able to place orders directly from their dedicated area within the software application.

This solution is aimed at clients that wish to have an expensive application at a low anual licence cost in comparison to the actual development of the software. [...]
[...] The application allows small businesses with product or service lines to maximize their efficiency, improve corporate image in professional manor, reduce operational cost via automated processes and maintain limited expenditure in employment of personel. The application is also interesting for trustees, accountants and banks to manage the administrative corporate businessr on and offshore customers easily and quickly. Also allowing to automate annual invoicing to all customers at the click of a button. The document upload management systement allows to archive all documents not just per client but in each single contract with the client therefore easy to have all information and documentation at a glance when in search, this feature also allows the client to look in his partition of the software and access all documentation at a glance. The software allows us also to kee certain documents confidential such as internal messaging, therefore giving us the choice to show the document to client or not.

Calculations, invoicing, recalls of outstanding statements, e-mail reminders... all fully automatated!
Management of customer documents
Order management
Management of payments / reminders
Reports of receipts, costs, VAT and much, much more
Automatic recall of open invoices
Customer can request an order directly on-line
Multilingual user interface
On-line guide with help and instructions
Document upload manager
Web based
Secure HTTPS with SSL 128-256 bit encryption
Personal secure digital certificate
Automated invoicing via email to client
Multi-lingual system
Vat calculation and integration where required
Reports and statistics
Your office in the world
Easy to add product line and services
Customization of prices per individual client
Standard price lists
Product lines with sub-services pricing
Automates the creation of invoices and invoice reminders (including by e-mail), payments and annuals
Detailed payment and report management
Optimized for Windows, Mac, Linux and Online (web application)
Program require less time to the management
Obtain information faster
User friendy interface not required long istrunction time
On-line guide with help and instructions
Future update included

Contact us, we will be happy to help you. Wherever you are! Our Account Managers speak: IT-EN-FR-DE.

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